Comment on Reid Road Quarry EA Evaluation Criteria

Take Action to stop the proposed Campbellville quarry! 

James Dick Construction Ltd., (JDCL) is beginning the Environmental Assessment of the Reid Road Quarry on Twiss Road in Campbellville. The first stage in the process is to set the “evaluation criteria”.

JDCL presented Draft Preliminary Evaluation Criteria to an online public meeting on December 6. These criteria are inadequate in two important ways.

The studies that were conducted were in support of the Licence Application. They were not undertaken to the standards necessary to fulfill the requirements of an environmental assessment.

The environmental assessment therefore must:

  • include more exhaustive field work to support more comprehensive study reports. It is absolutely necessary that the revised work plan include evaluation of all aspects of the environment in order to satisfy the requirements of the environmental assessment of the Reid Road Reservoir Quarry Project.
  • complete studies over an expanded study area, that includes all residents of Campbellville and Milton that could be impacted by the proposed project. 

Use the one-click letter tool below to share comments about the evaluation criteria with JDCL and Andrea Khanjin, the Minister of the Environment,  Parm Gill and your local MPP before January 17th!