Video clips from the March 5th Community Meeting in Brookfield

What's the Issue?

Click here to learn more about potential public safety concerns from air pollution from proposed Campbellville Quarry.




Visit the James Dick website to see detailed plans -- NOTE: Search - "Reid"


If Premier Ford’s Minister approves James Dick Construction Ltd.’s (JDCL) licence application for an underwater mined aggregate quarry and asphalt re-processing plant in Campbellville there will be severe consequences for the community including:

  • Blasting at the quarry could open pathways that allow surface toxins to contaminate groundwater. Remember Walkerton?

  • Blasting may also affect the the Kelso wells and private wells of local residents.

  • Emissions from blasting and asphalt re-processing will pollute the air with particulate matter. Particulate matter 2.5 (PM 2.5) is known to cause respiratory issues, cancer, heart attacks. PM 2.5 causes approximately 9000 deaths in Canada each year.

  • Blasting could impact wildlife and provincially significantly wetlands

  • Flyrock from blasting can cause property damage, personal injury or even death. Hwy 401 is only 100 metres from some of the blast areas.

  • Gravel trucks will haul heavy loads on local roads every 2 minutes, 13 hours a day, 6 days a week, for 20 years.






How you can help:

Together, we can stop the Campbellville Quarry