Elena Henderson Paintings

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Elena Henderson's work is well known for its sophisticated and elegant style and very fresh colour palette. She uses her brush as a powerful tool of self-expression. As an artist she translates the surrounding world into the language of colour, to transform emotions into graceful forms and refined shapes and line work.

Use of brilliant colour schemes and intriguing texture make her art work stand out and reflect the unique ability to create visual impact on the viewer.

During the last 8 years, she has worked with many galleries across Canada and the U.S., while succeeding in numerous solo shows in galleries across Ontario. She currently resides and works as a full-time artist in Orangeville, Ontario. These three pieces have a reserve bid, as indicated.

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Dimensions: 48x60”

Reserve Bid: $2300

Dimensions: 36x36”

Reserve Bid: $1550

Dimensions: 36x40”

Reserve Bid: $1725