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August 22nd, 2019 - Originally on    by Parm Gill

Here’s a lot at what’s being done in opposition to project, writes Gill



Milton MPP Parm Gill - Tavis Nembhard

In my June 20 article, "Taking action against Reid Road Quarry reopening," I outlined my concerns about the Reid Road Quarry project — I stand with the community against this proposed quarry.

Today, I am proud to update you on some of the steps I have taken to stand up for our community.

Over the past several months, I have met with many concerned residents and the ACTION committee about this important issue. I share your concerns about the serious risks that the proposed quarry poses — including potential dangers to the quality of life, health, and general well-being of residents in our community. It could threaten our water, our environment, and presents potential physical hazards such as dust and flyrock.

I am working hard to protect the best interests of our community. This is why, on July 25, I wrote a letter to the minister of the environment, conservation and parks requesting an immediate Environmental Assessment of the proposed site. I outlined many of the concerns and highlighted the steadfast opposition there is against this project in our community.

In the letter, I also stated that, “I believe it is our government’s responsibility to address these concerns before a decision is made regarding this license application.”

You can read my letter to the minister on my website at

If approved, an Environmental Assessment will require the applicant go through a process that prescribes a higher level of scrutiny. I applaud Milton town council for following my lead and echoing my call to the minister for an Environmental Assessment. I also thank the hundreds of constituents who have written to the minister’s office urging him to launch this assessment.

I remain committed to being a strong voice for our community. As the fight against the proposed quarry continues, I ask that you stay engaged, and contact me if I can be of any assistance for you.

Parm Gill is the MPP of Milton.

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